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What's The Mind Project

This is our project about memory and insanity.

We have begun to search for forgotten places that have been populated or used by people with disability or insanity. Used as hospital, residential places or temporary rifugees after having been forgotten and abandoned. 

What we try to research, in our job, is what is normal and what is not.

What is more true: normality or insanity? 

What will survive the time and the natural evolution of the human specie?

Will it be the social mask or the reality of the mental illness?

We are looking for parallelism in the insanity across the world, a sort of connection in particles and thoughts that has noting of physical or maybe is the essence of pshysic that we haven't understood yet.

All the picture are porpusely taken with poor cameras, to veicolate the meaning over the beauty, the disturb over the rationality and the common sense of beauty and purity.

Also, we are poor. 

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