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Federica Nardi and William Alexander Rouse III

We are a couple, in art and in life. Both asperger and both with some troubled past issues that gave us a the special gift of being able to look at reality without the veil of hypocrisy that we actually would need to survive.

Federica Nardi

Italian artist.

40 years of life, almost all of them badly wasted.

Diagnosed Asperger.

Easily distracted

Optimistical skeptic

3 cancers almost survival, still managing the third.

Thinks that numbers should be Gods.

Love the idea of fourth dimensional shapes, even though doesn't understand them.

Get mad at the idea of the infinite. 

Doesn't like families and people, but... who really does?

Doesn't understand when is being abused.

Currently trying to die in a cats avalanche instead of other ways. 

And following the black cat that appears everytime she closes her eyes.

William Alexander Rouse III

American artist.

Asperger too. But worse.

Once kidnapped.

Once almost drown, almost killed in an reck, almost killed by a lightening, almost killed during a robbery because didn't realized was being robbered.

So many times so close to death that must be alive for some special reason. That he doesn't believe because he is a happy nihilist. 

Thinks that everything is connected but doesn't believe it.

Doesn't understand sunlight and sounds.

Needs special help to not get lost in his own thoughts about the universe and everything else. 

Currently trying to defeat his aphantasia in order to have dreams that looks like real movies.



mostly useless


Elon Musk twitters



greatest number of time dangerous people have been perplexed and left her alone because "looks a little too weird"


greatest amount of useless information about movies and cars lights


AMAZING. As soon as somebody gives us the opportunity to make our first one.

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